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Exit Device Replacement & Repair Seattle, WA

Are you presently needing to have a commercial exit bar installed or replaced in Seattle? In terms of installing or repairing panic door devices, our highly trained locksmiths offer the best services in the area. The Locksmith PROS will save you cash on your commercial security products, let us bring the items to you! Our locksmiths are extremely skilled at analyzing and determining which fire exit device or emergency panic bar you’ll need for your organization. Commercial door services do not need to be exceedingly costly or time-intensive for business owners to handle, call the professionals today and get your service started!

Varieties of Commercial Door Devices We Service:

Rim – Touch Bar – – Vertical Rod – Delayed Egress – Push Paddle – Narrow Stile – & many more…

Panic Bar Repairs & Installations for Seattle, Washington

Access control systems and panics bars are something which can supply your business with the extra security it deserves, and we are equipped for virtually every job that may arise. When you’re getting services completed by the Seattle Locksmith PROS, you are able to depend on our quality and proficiency to be top-notch each and every time. That is why we have no qualms presenting our 90-day guarantee for almost any commercial service you may need. When looking for a locksmith it may be easy to be confused, with so many companies established currently. We’re sure that we are the best in the business when it comes to commercial exit devices of any kind! In addition we install panic bars with alarm systems for those who are wanting to add supplemental security to your commercial establishment.

Why Our Exit Device Services Are The Best In Seattle, WA

exit-bar-barracadeNowadays, exit devices have become an essential part of life. To enhance safety and avoid loss of life during an emergency, firms and homeowners are installing exit devises on their doors. The devise ensures that the door swings towards the direction in which people are exiting to. In case of any mishap or fire, the occupants of a building are sure they can easily get out. If you want to install these devises, use the services of an experienced, professional and licensed locksmith from Seattle Locksmith Pros. If you are wondering Why You Should Use A Locksmith For Exit Device Services, then the points below will provide with you the answer.

We Are Highly Knowledgeable About the Exit Devices in the Market

This devise is usually attached to one side of any out swinging door. The devise allows access from one end of the door and restricts access from the other end. This reduces the chances of people bumping into each other during panic or emergency. Without experience and prior knowledge, one can install it on the wrong side. It’s necessary to hire a locksmith to complete this task and avoid errors that could be disastrous.

You Will Learn About the Options You Have

Just like many safety devices in the market, there is technological advancement in the manufacture of exit devices and with time, better devices are sold in the market. The effectiveness of these devices varies depending on personal preference, nature of the door, and the type of access. An experienced locksmith can advise you on the many times of devices in the market and help you decide on the most suitable device for your door.

You Will Get Customized and Tailored Services

exit-device6A reliable locksmith will always have the necessary certification to complete a task. Hiring an expert will guarantee you on quality. With this expert, the number of malfunctions and breakdowns will be greatly reduced. This is because they will visit your premise and draw up a very detailed work specification plan for your premise. The exit device they will install or correct will aim to meet your specific needs. If the job is completed well, then you are sure that you will enjoy the services of this device for a long period of time.

You Will Enjoy Up To Standard Services

It is very frustrating spending so much money to buy a device and get in to trouble with the authorities just because you installed it wrongly or did not meet the set regulations. The law specifies the type of exit device you can install in a building depending on the square footage of the area and the occupancy level. For example, a panic bar should be used in a restaurant’s exit door, while a only single function lock is needed for a small office. Licensed locksmiths know exactly what is required by law. Avoid trouble with the government by hiring a locksmith to handle your exit device services.

You Will Save On Time

Whether it’s installation or maintenance of your exit devices, an experienced locksmith will always carry the right tools to complete the task. This will save the time spent during installation or maintenance. It will also save the time you would waste repairing or redoing a poorly done task.

It is Cost Effective

save-moneyInstalling exit devises promotes the security of your building and saves the frustration of loss of life and property during an emergency. Also, a professional locksmith using the correct tools to complete the task will ensure that you do not incur double expenses as a result of unnecessary breakages during the process. Well installed and maintained devices will serve you for long and help you avoid making frequent purchases. All this have a positive effect on your overall expenses.

Call Seattle Locksmith Pros In Seattle Today!

Whether the exit device you have decided to use is the modern rim type, the traditional crossbar type, mortise lock or vertical rod, you need to hire a locksmith from Seattle Locksmith Pros. The peace that comes with knowing that the task will be completed well and on time is unmatched. You can avoid disastrous accidents like the Iroquois Theater fire by hiring a locksmith to install, maintain and replace your exit devices.

Our experts have experience with all the top door, lock and latch brands:

    • Monarch
    • Von Duprin
    • Sargent
    • Precision
    • Jackson
    • Corbin Russwin
    • Door-O-Matic
    • Dorma
    • Adams Rite
    • First Choice
    • Detex
    • Cal-Royal

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Job done right!
City: Seattle

You guys came and installed a Sargent exit device on my building in a timely and professional fashion. Thank you guys once again. Will continue to call you guys when needing anything to do with locks!

Outstanding service provided
City: Seattle

These guys are straight up professionals when installing push bar doors. I needed 3 push bar doors installed in my building, so of course, I called around to find the best price. These guys offered a great price, but sometimes you don’t know what to expect when going with the lowest quote. Well, these guys went above and beyond. Very professional and fast. Also, great customer service. Will definitely use again and highly recommend.

Keep me coming back
City: Seattle

I use these guys for all of my buildings. They always do an excellent job, get the job done fast and efficiently and are very reasonably priced. I’ll continue to use and recommend Seattle Locksmith Pros, especially for exit devices.